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pretty little liars.

042 pll icons



+comment, credit, join!
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lovely icons
ty bb :)
taking some spencer and hanna, ty!
lol i dont have enough hanna up there i just realized but yw bb :)
beautiful as always!
why ty <3
taking a couple spencer, ily
ly2! :)
love it :D
These icons are so pretty!
Awsome job :D
tysm! :)

Deleted comment

yw & ty :) ! lol
-sigh- i miss your gif icons so freaking much. ♥
lol aw i know i kinda disappeared :p but ive posted twice today anddd im posting some still icons later. haha i think today made up for how long i was m.i.a !
omg i love them, they're flawless ty
tyyyy :)
These are really cute icons. Thank you for offering these. Will credit you and community.
thanks! :)
took some aria.<3
enjoy :)
these are awesome! snagging a few aria and ezra. will definitely credit. thanks!
yw :) enjoy!
Snagging a couple of aria <3
awesome enjoy :')
these are so awesome n_n thanks for sharing <3
aw ty!
these are lovelyyy :)
taking a few, will credit ofc!
tyy bb :)
omg so much better than mine. i love them, haha :)
nuh uh! lol
love, taking some :)
lovely, dear!
Awesome job!
Welcome back & HAPPY NEW YEAR (:
took an Aria! thanks